In PT Tanjung Raya Prima, we provide complete ranges of elevator and escalator services, such as supply, design consultation, installation, maintenance, service, repair upgrades and modernization programs – which are customized to suit our clients specific needs. We focus to provide superior service delivery to customer satisfaction. We also provide you with a wide range of maintenance services to match your individual needs. From our flexible offering you can choose to include only the services you want. We start by thoroughly assessing your equipment, business and user’s needs. That’s how we can customize a maintenance service that fits your needs. Our expert service staff to keeps your equipment working at its best.


WE PROVIDE YOU FREEDOM TO CHOOSE - Give your building a lift hat makes an impact: a stylish interior, a smooth and silent ride, budget friendly as well as a low energy. Our elevators ensure exceptional people and goods flow in all types of buildings – from the smallest residential buildings to the world’s highest skyscrapers.

SERVICES FOR EVERY PHASE OF YOUR PROJECT – Specify your elevator in three easy steps with our helpful tools and expert advice & benefit from professional project management and proven installation methods

ELEVATORS FOR ALL TYPES OF BUILDINGS – Provide so many products & solutions to be choose, leading eco-efficiency, superb ride comfort and usability & innovative and flexible design


TRP-ELEVATOR provides Elevators & Escalators Installation services to all the global known Elevators manufacturers & brands such as OTIS, KONE, ThyssenKrupp, Hyundai, Sigma, Schindler & also our selling/own brands.

TRP-ELEVATOR installation is evident with its fast & on-time schedule delivery of mechanical & semi-electrical installations along with professional coordination on site & progress reporting to its business partners by utilizing experienced team of installers backed up with senior engineers & managers, who ensures the quality and the safe operations together. TRP has completed hundreds Elevators since 1990 & the highest Elevator supplied by MASSAED, is consist of 33 stops with a speed of 3 m/s.

Annual Technician Training

  • Elevator University is yearly training event for all technician
  • 7 days extensive training in the specialized training facility at China Factory
  • Final Test & Certification
  • Also invited & attended by a building management of a big projects

Standby Regional Technical Manager

  • Due to many installed units and some big installation projects on going in Indonesia and Malaysia (especially Johor), China factory provided a dedicated Technical Manager to standby in both location.
  • He responsible to make sure the quality of installation project and also all aftersales activity such to ensure the stock of spare-part at local agent, to train the local technician, to solve hard trouble at site, transfer knowledge of the new technology and so on..

Our Certificate

Government Certified Installer & Technician

Complete license of:

  • Construction Company
  • Elevator & Escalator Contractor
  • Elevator & Escalator Installer
  • Elevator & Escalator Maintenance
  • Import License
  • Tax Number
  • So on..


Maintenance service is considered the most important phase after the Elevator installation and it is considered to be the key factor in having a longer life for the Elevators and Escalators. 24 hours TRP Maintenance Service always provides its business partners with quality and professional maintenance services along with Safety, Financial, and Comfort benefits.

At TRP, all our maintenance staff goes through continues training and developments to ensure the best services and utilization of up to date technology in servicing and maintaining its Elevators and Escalators.

TRP-Elevator offers two types of maintenance :

Preventive maintenance: it involves several activities including:

  • Regular cleaning and inspections
  • Preservation of equipment and protection against environmental factors
  • Maintaining lubrication for all mechanical components
  • Checking all electromechanical components
  • Spare parts and consumables monitoring and supply

Corrective Maintenance: TRP Team can respond promptly in the event of a component failure, identify the required repairs & parts, and return the equipment to operation in optimal time.

TRP’s Maintenance Activities:

Periodic visits from TRP’s staff to perform a regular check of all safety and vital elements of the Elevator(s), as well as all necessary adjustments of required parts for maximum efficiency.

During every visit, TRP’s servicemen will perform the greasing and cleaning of all elements that require lubricants. TRP representatives will attend all call out notices to correct the failures of the Elevator and put it back to normal and safe operation. TRP will repair and replace all the faulty parts of the Elevator and will notify the client of the same.

24 Hours Spare-parts Available in Indonesia

  • We provide 3 year warranty for the New Installation/Supply..means 3 year free spare-parts 3 year full warranty (All Spare-part)
  • Complete spare-part stocks available 24 Hours for your need


TRP has test tools and specific equipment to repair all sorts of Elevators & Escalators. All repair services are performed to minimize the cost and reduce time for the customer. The company plans all main repair services in advance; this permits the customer to notify all tenants/residents on the pending building disruption so that repair service is done quickly & easily.

One of the TRP’s specialized service is Elevators and Escalators Modernization. The benefit of modernization is improving the appearance, performance and safety while keeping older elevators competitive with newer buildings.

TRP can offer simple updating of controls, Elevator cabin interiors and Elevator fixtures or complete modernizations of the Elevator equipment that requires new parts. We will evaluate the condition of the existing Elevator equipment and provide recommendations for upgrading the Elevator system to improve the performance and reliability of the Elevators that meets the client’s performance levels.

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